About us

          “INFOMEDIA” LLC was founded in 31 May, 2012. 
          The aim of the company is to represent spheres of building, projecting and design, building materials, manufacture of furniture, heating and ventilating systems, equipment and tools, construction machinery and many other fields combining all the companies and private businessmen operating in the above-stated sphere in one area.


  • Тhe company “INFOMEDIA” publishes the directory journal "Shinarar" which with its content is a unique informational mean in our market. It gives opportunities to the exporters, importers, producers, consuming companies and private businessmen to follow events of the market, i.e. existing supply and demand, and to represent your own manufacture, products and services. The directory journal "Shinarar" is free of charge. 

  • The website www.shinarar.am is the electronic variant of the directory journal "Shinarar" including more detailed and completed information. We offer both free and a paid variants for registration on our site. It is a very productive way for the companies to be known not only to consumers but also competitors which promotes healthy competition and provides the consumer with wide opportunities of choice.

  • Тhe company “INFOMEDIA” offers design, photographic and printing services.