armplast company is the leading producer and supplier of PVC and PE pipes, plastic door and window frames in the region. Due to the most modern German, Austrian and Italian technologies, the latest producing equipment and the lagre variety of products, armplast company is considered to be a leader in the PVC constructions market.

armplast products provide exclusive quality and highest degree of exploitation characteristics. Reliable and durable, safe and ecologically pure, technological and ergonomic: those are the characteristics of our products that make them the most required in the market. Having our own laboratories for testing the function of the products, we may afford giving durable guarantees for the them.

armplast company is always oriented to the most leading and innovational solutions. Possessing exclusive technologies, the company provides effectiveness of production which meets the world and European quality requirements. The equipment, technologies and materials used in the production are supplied by world leading trademarks with perfect reputation.

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