"EkoProf" LLC

  ''EKOPROF'' LLC began its activity in 2006.  The company is engaged in production of plastic products for internal finishing of rooms having proved, as the producer of high-quality and environmentally friendly production. The company is one of leaders on production and export of high-quality construction finishing materials in Armenia and Transcaucasia. “Ekoprof” offers plastic products with a wide range of color scales.

   We try to make only good, qualitative goods, putting in it all the forces and means. Aspiration of the company – to provide to the client a qualitative, worthy and available product.

  Our production corresponds to the international quality standards and successfully competes with leading world brands. Use of high-quality materials in production does our production fire-, electro - ecologically safe and durable.

  Classical style and wide color palette provide harmonious use of our production in finishing of any interior, and reasonableness of designs promotes easy and simple installation of products.

   We one of the few in the market of the Armenian companies which is capable to make qualitative and available production in large quantities.

   Us designate "the company of the first price", that is creating "weather" in the market.  We provide to the partners competitive prices, free shipping, comfortable working conditions and advertizing support.  We guarantee competent service by the highly skilled personnel.  We are ready to listen also to any your wishes and recommendations about the range and quality of our production and services.

  Logistically - the verified production and marketing cycle and the thought-over distributor policy provide the continuous growth and expansion of geography of sales.

  To serve society, to give the chance to our consumers to make houses comfortable, ideal and unique, thanks to new technologies, the wide range, a huge choice of color scales and faultless quality.  

  • Plinths
  • Corners 
  • Protective thresholds
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Windowsills
  • Door pframeworks
  • Ceramic corners
  • Sewer pipes and details
  • Pipes and details of heating
  • Laminate sponge
  • Valves
  • Thermoinsulators
  • Eaves
  • Boxes of wires and corrugated pipes


Building materials
Decorative-finishing materials
Doors and windows
Sanitary ware and ceramics
Heating and ventilation
12/8 building, Tamantsiner 6th Lane, Yerevan, Armenia
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+374 93 48 66 04
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