"Gas Souzan Armenia" JV LLC

"Gas Souzan Armenia" JV LLC has been established in 2005 by one of the largest gas equipment manufactures "Gas Souzan", Ind. & Manu. Co.
     "Gas Souzan" Ind. & & Manu. Co. has been established in 1980. The factory is located in Isfahan province territory (Iran), which includes 6 separated factories situated in 12 hectares land, with 1200 employees at the main section and 2000 workers at related sister factories for filial productions.
     The company has certificates, approving correspondence to quality management systems, standards such as ISO 9001:2008 (TUV Rheinland Cert GmbH Germany), and also has primary approval from the appropriate organizations for receiving the standard certificates such as ISO 17025, ISO 14000, CEMAK, OHSAS 18001. The company's products also have GOST P conformity certificate, pattern approval for measuring instruments certificates, the permission to apply for the Russian Federation Rostekhnodzor, pattern approval for measuring instruments certificates from Republic of Armenia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Georgia, conformity certificate from Russian Federation, Ukraine, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, which have been received on the basis of successfully conducted tests, which testifies it's high quality. 
Considerable part of domestic market's needs is supplied by "Gas Souzan Armenia" on the territory of Republic of Armenia.   
  • We produce all kinds of the gas-regulating, gas-distributing and gas-measuring equipments with modern technologies at low, medium and high pressure.
  •   Our qualified specialists will offer the most optimal decisions in related cases, without any superfluous expenses to customers.
  •    Being the producer and the direct supplier of gas equipments, we constantly improve our products for customers' best satisfaction in today's needs.
     Our work is based on universality - providing the entire range of necessary services: engineering, production, delivery and support. "Gas Souzan Armenia" is ready to receive offers on mutually beneficial cooperation for production and sales.     

Offered Production List:
  • Gas pressure regulators
  • Diaphragm gas meters(with electronic temperature corrector    and without corrector )
  • Turbine gas meters
  • Gas filters
  • Safety shut off valves
  • Meter stop valves (conical valve)
  • Ball valves
  • Insulating joints
  • Scrubbers
  • Gas flow measuring units
  • Gas regulating cabinets with gas flow measuring unit
  • Gas regulating cabinets without gas flow measuring unit
  • Gas distributing stations with gas flow measuring unit

The company is exclusive distributor of products of the Iranian company "GARMIRAN" and official - Swedish "Bentone" (Enertech Group) in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

• Gas burners
• Diesel burners
• Gas-diesel burners
• Mazut burners
•Boilers- steam and water-heating
2 year guarantee for all burners, and also regulation, repair and sale of spare parts of burners.


Heating and ventilation

Equipment and tools
Security and telecommunication

5th alley Vracakan, Yerevan, Armenia
T.:+374 10 23 87 28
 +374 10 23 10 91
F.:+374 10 23 10 91
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