"TOP SHINTECH" LLC (Armenia, Yerevan) is the official representative of the Ceresit trademark in Armenia.
For all the time of the existence the company takes a leading place in the market of construction materials of Armenia, and the Ceresit trademark became widely known thanks to the "German" quality and technologies and holds deserved authority both with professionals, and with beginners.


Adhesive for ceramic tiles

    Ceresit СМ 9 Plus  
    Adhesive for ceramic
  tiles and porcelain
   tiles for interior work
        Ceresit СМ 11 Plus  
    Adhesive for fixing
  ceramic tiles for interior
         exterior and
  for porcelain tiles for interior
    Ceresit CМ 14 Extra
  Universal adhesive, 
 with microfibers
    Fibre Force,
    for ceramic tiles
   and porcelain tiles
    Ceresit СМ 17 SuperFlex
  FiberForce Microfiber
  Reinforced Adhesive
   for any type of tile

     Ceresit СМ 117 Elast
   Adhesive for tiles and fasade stones

Grouts for tiles

    Ceresit СЕ 33
  Colored grout with
antifungal effect for
joint stile facings to 6 mm

    Ceresit СЕ 40 Aquastatic 
   Elastic water-repellent
grout for joints with
antifungal effect for
joints of tile facings
up to 10 mm wide


    Ceresit CR 65
    Cement mixture for
hard waterproof coatings

    Ceresit CR 166 
   Two-component polymer
cement mass for the
device of elastic
waterproof coatings


Floor installation  (the self-leveled floors)

   Ceresit CN 68
  The self-leveled mix
1-15 mm

   Ceresit DD
     The self-leveled mix

Repair mixes (anchoring)

   Ceresit CX 5
   Anchoring mix 

    Ceresit СХ 15
   Anchoring high-strength mix


   Ceresit CT 17
   Water-dispersion primer
deep penetration

   Ceresit R 777
   Water-dispersion primer
for absorbent substrates
   Ceresit CT 16
  Water-dispersion primer
   for the preparation of bases
for the application of
decorative plasters

 Decorative plaster and paint

   Ceresit CT 35
   Mineral decorative
plaster  "Koroed"

   Ceresit CT 64
  Acrylic decorative
     plaster  "Koroed" 2.0 mm.

   Ceresit CT 42
   Acrylic paint for indoor
and outdoor use
          Ceresit Dekor Plus 

Decorative plaster
for facades

Mix for thermal insulation of facades

   Ceresit Thermo Universal
   Mixture for fixing polystyrene and
mineral wool and creating on
them the fiber reinforced plaster layer

Sealants, foam, glue for PVC pipes

   Ceresit CS 111 
  Acrylic sealant     
   Ceresit CS 225
  Silicone sealant

   Ceresit CS 360
   Construction foam  
   Glue for PVC pipes 


Building materials
Decorative-finishing materials
Sanitary ware and ceramics
Projecting and designing

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