Summer Cottage. Garden. Landscape. Small Mechanization - 2014

Summer Cottage. Garden. Landscape. Small Mechanization - 2014
Specialized Exhibition-Fair
Date: 13.03.2014 - 17.03.2014 
Country, city: Moscow, Russia
Venue: All-Russian Exhibition Centre... 

The exhibition "Summer Cottage. Garden. Landscape. Small Mechanization" is one of the most visited exhibitions in Russia. It is also the largest annual spring exhibition on garden and country subject. 

The representatives from 13 countries participated  (Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia France, the USA, Thailand, Poland, the Republic of South Africa) in the previous exhibition. The exhibition was visited by more than 42 thousand people.

Approximately more than 300 enterprises and firms from various regions of Russia and foreign countries will take part in the exhibition "Summer Cottage. Garden. Landscape. Small Mechanization - 2014".

Exhibition Sections:
  • Wooden houses, bath-houses
  • Services for construction of country houses and structures
  • Works and services for landscape design developing, engineering and construction
  • Decorative and facing stone (natural and artificial)
  • Path pavage
  • Pools, fountains
  • Fences, safety guards, gratings
  • Garden interior illumination (illumination of garden, basin, fountain)
  • Natural landscape stone
  • Grounds, composts, fertilizers for plants
  • Materials and components for flower gardens, greenhouses, alpine gardens
  • Flowers, lawn grass, and decorative flowers for outdoor beautification
  • Garden ponds, waterfalls, equipment and plants for it's arrangement
  • Ceramic and plastic products
  • Mini-machines, electric tools
  • Hand tools and equipment for care and maintenance of gardens
  • Watering systems
  • Workwear and shoes for work in garden and parks
  • Hardscape and garden architecture
  • Forged furniture, forged products
  • Park and garden furniture
  • Children's playgrounds, play equipment
  • Sports grounds, equipment for sports grounds
  • Resting area, it's arrangement, equipment for barbecue