An innovative water-repellent material for walls

An innovative water-repellent material for walls

Recently American company Benjamin Obdyke, the leading producer and the supplier of high-quality construction materials and systems of ventilation of roofs, took out the patent for the new product - HydroGap Drainable Housewrap™. This innovative water-repellent material is intended for use as a cover for walls of buildings.

The material HydroGap has special volume low-profile laying which provides at least twice faster removal of flowing-down water from a wall, in comparison with existing analogs in the market, thereby preventing emergence on walls of a mold and fungi.

The material developed by Benjamin Obdyke, differs ease and simplicity in installation - for this purpose it isn't required constructive changes of walls of the building.

The water-repellent material HydroGap can be established in any direction and under any covering of walls - from cement, a tree, vinyl, 3-layer plaster, and also directly under stone facing and a metal sheet siding. Made of nonwoven 3-laminate, it differs high tensile strength, good characteristics on fire resistance (class A) and high air permeability.

The material will be delivered on the market in rolls 1,5 meters wide and 30 meters long. The weight of each roll is 7,7 kilograms. One roll of HydroGap suffices on a covering of 46,45 square meters of the area of a wall of the building.